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Exclusive original 3D Desktop Wallpaper and visuals by Mick Liebner compliments of VJ VIDEO

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Creobox VJ Software

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VJ software tutorial modul8 part one

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Cell DNA VJ Software

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this set of 25 high resolution 3d images featuring the virtual girls of Poser.

Feel free to save the images you like to your hard drive and use as desktop wallpaper.

Each 3D image was rendered at a resolution of 1024 x 768. They look great on my desktop at 1280 x 960 (stretched).

The original creation was conceived in Curious Labs Poser 3D Modeling Program utilizing original characters and backgrounds. Slight post production in Adobe Photoshop.

Originally these designs were conceived to be offered to VJ's (video jockeys) to be utilized in live performance at nightclubs and concerts. There are animated versions at smaller resolutions that will be perfect for any VJ's bag of tricks. Stay tuned to this space as we plan to release these "movies" along with a complete arsenal of tricks for VJ's.

See 2 Example Movies

Feel free to use any or all of these images in your VJ performances or on your web sites as content. All we ask is that you credit the images to VJ Video and include a easily visable text link to www.vjvideo.com stating "Free Wallpaper compliments of VJ Video" or similar.

Free Wallpaper
compliments of VJ Video

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